Introduction to Crab fishing

A great write up by the people over at the Sky Above Us blog. Approachable, common sense language that will help you get your feet wet on the subject.

The Recreational Crab Fishery in Puget Sound

Let these expert biologists and crabbing enthusiasts share their knowledge with you in this well made video.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

Crab fishing status and information from across the state.

Crab Tips

Crab fishing tips, tricks, and other assorted know how from an experienced fisherman.

How to Catch Crabs

Excellent video introducing you to recreational crabbing.

How to Harvest Crab - WDFW

The state's official guide to harvesting crab in Washington.

State Gear Rules

Equipment rules for Washington State.

GoPro attached to a crab pot at the bottom of Birch Bay

No information here, but a cool video anyways. See what happens after the pot hits the mud.